May 30, 2013

we love charming make up.

Let's talk cosmetics. I'm a huge fan. I like getting all dolled up in red lipstick and false lashes. It's so fun to put on a little more than you normally would, just for a bit of extra fun. I wanted to share with you our photo shoot makeup choices, to show how we got camera ready! This is how our Charming girls get ready...
For our make up, I was channeling a pinup look. I was really inspired by glamorous Old Hollywood beauties. My jewellery line is for having fun. It's quirky and a little wild, still with elegant touches. I wanted to play up it's softer side, by creating a make up look that was elegant, feminine and super romantic. So I stuck to a flawless, creamy complexion. Skin is everything, so picking a velvet-y foundation paired with a light reflecting concealer, soft dusting of powder, and lots of highlighter, can leave you with the dewiest, dreamiest skin. Yay! Define your brows. Nothing is stronger and sexier on the face than a defined brow that isn't over the top, but holds your look just perfectly still looking natural. The brows are the anchor of the face, you know! The placement of bronzer is also key. It should be slightly under the cheekbone and contour your face perfectly. High impact eyes require lots and lots of big lashes, so finding the prettiest pair of false lashes is lovely. Add some cat eyes by winging out your eyeliner past your eye and up slightly. Did you know that makes your eyes look wider and more awake?! Lastly red lips. Nothing says Old Hollywood more than the perfect shade of red on your pout. So there it is. High (vintage) drama CharmingShop style. 
 We love our kitschy, crafty style and adding a dramatic make up look, shows our belief that every girl has many sides. Our photo shoot choices definitely sum up how we feel about CharmingShop and the lifestyle surrounding it. We're offbeat and we love it. We just want you to be whoever you are! Strange, unique, funny, pretty - whatever you are, embrace it. There's more than one side to you, and we love that! 

Hope you enjoyed a little look at how we operate at our make up table on photo shoot days. 
I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I'm still working on some special art for you all.
Stay tuned.


Marissa xo

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