April 30, 2013

Sparkle and Shine

Here at CharmingShop we love ANYTHING that sparkles. The more glitter, the better. I'm a Magpie. I see something shiny, and I instantly go towards it with love in my heart. Why? Who knows. But I'm a girl, and I can be as sparkly as I want!

Need something shimmering in your own wardrobe? Try these beauties! They're my Crystal Pendant Necklaces from my shop, CharmingShopLove. They come in three multifaceted shades - Pink (found here), Purple (found here) and Plum (found here.

I can't get enough of their raw-cut jewel look. It's just the dreamiest necklace ever!
I am especially drawn to the deep, royal colour of the Plum Pendant.
Which one's your favourite?

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