April 08, 2013

DIY Project Update - Painted Storage Bin

I bet you remember this project from a little while back. I said I would give you an update on how it was going and here it is!
I finished one side and I'm close to finishing a second, but that's a surprise for another day. I'm finding this project needs a lot of layers of paint, and that's what's slowing the process down so much. This side is my light turquoise aqua side. I cut out little diamonds and pasted them onto the box for a kitschy retro effect.
I'm pretty much in love with this side, and it will be hard not to just leave it on this colour forever. As you'll remember, I'm doing each side in a different colour with a different pattern or effect. The next side I'm doing is baby pink with a gold circular look. It looks pretty amazing too.
These boxes are so addicting to make and they are way cuter than just going out to a store and buying a plain old box anyone could have. 
What do you think of this DIY project so far? Is this something you would try?

Have a great day! I'm off to take pictures of my new grad earring sets. They'll be up pretty soon and I can't wait!

Marissa xo

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