April 08, 2013


April seems to be flying by. We're already into in the second week now. This month is an important one for us. This month last year we were on the hunt for a house. It was a quick process, but at the time it felt like forever. I remember I thought we would have a house by my birthday, and that it would be the best birthday present a girl could ask for. In the end that place fell through. Someone else beat us to it. But a month later we were in our gorgeous home, cleaning, painting and breathing some much needed life into it. 
This year we're crazy busy in a different way. We are both tackling our art careers that require mostly all of our attention. Finding time for each other is difficult, but at the end of the day, we're working towards something. Just like we were last year. It's amazing how life just propels you forward. I wonder what we'll be doing next year...

Marissa xo

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