April 04, 2013

DIY Enamel Jewellery

It's time for a DIY! I haven't done one in a little while, so I thought I'd give you all a little something to do at home. This is by no means a new trick, or something that I made up - it's everywhere! So I thought I would give it a go too! 

 This morning I was browsing through an email from a fashion website I like, and they had a collection of spring items. It featured a lot of Spring jewellery with bright candy coloured enamel work. It seemed simple enough to try at home with nail polish.

Here's what you'll need:

*Nail Polish - Mine are 597 Miss Minty by GOSH, 370 Nail Art Colour by Anna Sui and an LCN Nail Hardener.
*Inexpensive Piece of Jewellery with Jewels - (Make sure they're fake! Don't cover over your real stones please!) I used a crown brooch that I got years ago at Claires.
*Qtips - (to clean off excess polish.)
*Paper Towel - (just in case.)

I've had this pin forever. I used to have a collection of jewellery with crowns. I do not know why, but I liked everything to have crowns. This one was very cheap, and although some of the stones are very sparkly, a few are clear and cheapen the look of it.

I did the turquoise colour first. Go from left to right so you don't smear the ones you did previously. Be very careful and dot the colour on gently so it doesn't spread around further than its supposed to. You don't need very much on the brush for this. Let it dry for a bit.

Look! So pretty! It looks better already.

Now move onto the other colours. I just have the two.
I chose this really cute bubblegum pink from Anna Sui.

I included this LCN Nail Hardener in the list, but I didn't use it myself. You can actually use any type of top coat. This will just help it set better and also give it more shine.You can leave it like I did, or for more shine add this on top of your colours once they're dry.

Look at how much cuter this looks! It instantly makes it look so dimensional and definitely worth wearing. It just sat in my jewellery box before. Now that it's candy coloured I think it will make its way into my daily outfits for Spring. 
I'm very impressed by how easy and effective this little trick is.
I would do this again to any piece of jewellery I wasn't sure about anymore. Change is always good.

Are you going to try this? Have you already?

Have a great day!

Marissa xo

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