April 18, 2013

Birthday Love!

  Hey there! Today is my birthday, and I am 23 years old as of 4:30 this morning. Every year on my birthday I look back at what I've accomplished that year, and where I am at that particular point on my birthday. In just a couple years I've done some amazing things. 
Sometimes it feels like things are moving slow, but when I look back, I realize I have put some crazy goals ahead of myself and overcome some bizarre and you know, everyday obstacles. Every time I say I'm going to do something, I always try. I love having this day to celebrate how far I've come. Not only as a single person, but as a unit with my mini family - boyfriend and our two cat children. 
We're always moving forward, and every year we are at a different point in our lives. Just two years ago I was a manager for my favourite cosmetic line, and I was so blissfully happy. This year I'm a homeowner with a lot on my plate. From running this blog full time, working on CharmingShop full time from a business and artist point of view. And being a stay at home lady, cleaning and fixing up our 1950s home. I always seem to collect a lot of responsibilties.
Where will I be next year? I really have no idea. Probably not where I am now!
All I can say is I'm enjoying life, and 23 isn't so bad of a place to be.
I'm going to be a busy girl today, hanging out with my man. We don't get to spend time together right now, but he's taking the day off to be with me. I'm the luckiest girl. Maybe I'll have some birthday pics for you tomorrow...

Have a great day!

Marissa xo

All photos found on weheartit. If you own one of these, please let me know so I can give recognition where needed. Thanks!

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