March 23, 2013

Home Updates

I'm a big believer in doing little crafts and home updates here and there to give your place a little pick me up. Spring is here! We still have snow here, but it should be melting a bit soon enough. But next week is Easter and I've been busy making sure my house has spring flowers everywhere! I can't help but feel like warm weather is on the way. Actually this is funny... as I write this I'm sitting here in shorts! It's strange how I subconsciously put on shorts today without even thinking about it. Nice one, Marissa.

Whenever I do one of my crafty hobbies or make something to put out at my house, It always makes me feel like I've accomplished more that day. Whether it's something seasonal to put out for a while, or something I can always keep on my shelf, I look at it and feel really good about it! Try doing something crafty at your house!

Here are two little projects I've done in the last little while. They're small, but every little thing counts.

#1 Magnetic Spice Rack - We got two of these magnetic spice rack boards at Canadian Tire a while back. They were on sale and because my kitchen is on the small side I liked the idea of getting everything off the ground and onto the walls.

We made a list of 12 spices or ingredients that we would get the most use out of when we cook or bake. 

For us it's:

* Cayenne Pepper
* Oregano
* Sesame Seeds
* Garlic Salt
* Rosemary
* Basil
* Parsley
* Curry Powder
* Dill
* Cinnamon
* Sage
* Nutmeg

We went out and bought bags of spices. Don't get the jars! They're more expensive and if you're only putting it straight into these containers, you won't need the jars anyway. You can get them prepackaged or go to a bulk food store to get the amount you want.

I thought our jars needed a little personal touch. I am so bad with spices and telling them apart. I will admit that now. If we left it unlabelled I would never know what was what without tasting it first. So I had some white labels we use for garage sale stickers. I have a typewriter, so I fed the stickers through and typed out the names. Then I cut them to this size with scissors and placed them all in the centre of the jars. Aren't they cute?!

I urge everyone to invest in a spice rack or some way to store your spices. It keeps everything tidy and organized. We use a lot of spices over here. My favourite is probably Rosemary. It tastes amazing with sea salt on roasted potatoes. Yum. Maybe I should do a little recipe in the future? I think so.

#2 Vintage Dog Planter - Alright I don't know a whole lot about this guy, but I got him a few weeks ago at Value Village. I've seen ones like him before and have always admired them. So the second my eyes spotted him, he was in my arms. I know, I know. I guess he's a boy because I keep saying "he", but I didn't name him at least. I'm not that weird...

He won me over instantly with his sweet wiener dog face and kitschy look. I just thought of all the possibilities for him. I knew I wanted to put little cacti in him. He looked like he would be a good mini cactus planter. And he is!

Instead of buying live ones that would need attention and water and room to grow, I got a couple fake cacti groupings at the craft store, Michaels. They were clearing them out, so I got a good deal. The bases were made of Styrofoam, so I cut them into a shape that would fit into the planter. And like any good crafter, I have an assortment of mosses I keep for crafts. So I put moss all around the cacti. This guy is going on the top of my TV unit, where he can sit proudly and be admired. He's so cute. Did he win you over too?

If you love to keep busy and make things, I suggest making something for your home or for your room. Whatever you want! You can try these or make something totally unique. It's up to you! Enjoy your weekend!

Marissa xo

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