March 21, 2013

Thrifting Tips Part 3

Do you know what today is? It's the last edition of Vintage/ Antiquing/ Thrifting Tips! I have five more for you. I think I've prepared you for a seriously educated shop. Of course I will still post about my own adventures thrifting, because let's face it, vintage hunting is so fun. I even get a rush seeing what other people have found!

#1 Be Thoughtful - Keep other people in mind. Has a family member or friend been on the search for a specific item? Maybe it's hard to find, and suddenly one day you come across one. Give them a call and see if they would like you to pick it up for them. Or maybe give it to them as a gift on a special occasion. Keep others in mind and they will keep you in mind too. Sometimes the best things come to you when other people find it for you.

#2 Different Tastes - This is such a good one if you live with a roommate or spouse. If you don't live alone please, please keep this in mind. It will save you so much trouble. Just because you love something, maybe your significant other or friend won't. I mean, if it's a gem, definitely don't pass it up, just be aware and take other peoples opinions into account. Since first living with my boyfriend in our apartment and now our house, I've scaled back on my girly things. Where I would normally just go nuts with florals and pinks and lace, I always take time to think about how my decorating decisions will affect him. Now I take time to get more gender neutral finds, that we will both enjoy. I'm not saying you can never get your favourite things ever again. Every now and then I still do. I never pass up an amazing find. Just don't let your items take over your home. There's always a compromise.

#3 Take Your Significant Other - Take them with you! Then you can get a sense of what they like. Even if your partner is resistant, I guarantee they'll get into it once they're there. (I mean, I'm sure they've witnessed you coming home with all those goodies all these years. They should automatically want to go!) They'll be picking up pieces left and right and you can get a sense of their particular style. So if there's ever a time when your spouse is not around, you'll be able to bring home finds for them. Just keep communication open. It's a great bonding experience and not to mention super fun! You'll start to notice this awesome meshing of two worlds that is so unique to you two. It's magical.

And if you're single, take a friend! The extra opinion and extra set of eyes is always great. Maybe they'll notice something you didn't.

#4 Check Before you DIY - I cannot stress this enough. Please never start a diy project before you check your facts on an item. In a world where crafting and updating has become so popular, I have seen some gorgeous, expensive pieces being painted over and essentially ruined. It breaks my heart. If you want to update something, research it first. You could have an expensive piece of furniture on your hands people. You're just defacing it and decreasing it's value. I recommend going out and getting a piece that is worth less to get creative with. Buy it specifically for that project.

#5 Get Vocal - This is the most interesting rule, and it's amazing how well it works. Is there something you really want to find, but you haven't had any luck yet? Get vocal! Post pictures of it on Pinterest or Facebook or anywhere else. Tell anyone and everyone about it. Maybe they have one at home in a box in their basement that they don't care about and will want to get rid of. Maybe they know where to find one. Maybe they will find one for you in the near future. This always, always happens to me. If you make room for it in your life and you think about it and talk about it, it's just a matter of time before you find one. Try it!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our Thrifting Tips. I hope you enjoyed them and you will really think about everything I've said. I know they will help you. It's a lot to remember, but it is an ongoing process. If you're new to thrifting, I promise you will get the hang of it quickly and you'll start to develop a style in it. So get out there and start hunting! You're all set! I can only imagine all the cool things you're going to find and I'm super excited for you. Good luck everyone!

Marissa xo

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