March 20, 2013

A Mid Week Break

Hi everybody, I hope you're having a great day. I had a very early start today. I've been sick with a cold so I've been living in my pjs and drinking rice tea. How sad. Today I finally went out, and it felt really good to join the world again! I did my makeup and wore my favourite sweater and even took a couple pictures for you! Yeah this is me in my everyday look! Pre ponytail and post. I normally wear my hair down but since I've been sick, I wanted to have a more energetic look today. Why do ponytails always make you feel more awake?! So weird!

 Well the reason I rolled out of bed super early was to get a few things done before a morning trip to Ikea with my mom! Lately we haven't seen each other very much and I sure do miss hanging out with her! We had breakfast and had a little shop. Okay a big shop. Basically we looked at everything. But in the end this is what followed me home...

Ikea is new to us here. I mean I've been there before in other places: Edmonton and Minneapolis, but our city just got one, and I am both pleased and worried. Pleased because my house has gotten some really cute updates since then. And worried, because clearly I spend large amounts of money there. Oh dear. So these are my finds today. A really awesome plastic planter that looks super mod and amazing. A lilac candle, because lilac is my all time favourite scent. AND a set of four glasses with a really retro inspired print of pear-halves. Obviously that trip was well worth it. I've been dying over Orla Kiely's gorgeous spring line. From one pattern-loving lady to another, she sure does know what she's doing. I can only dream of owning one of her beautiful items adorned with lovely retro prints, because oh my, it's too pricey for me! So when I saw these glasses I thought, these will quench my adorable pattern thirst for now! Oh Orla, quit making me love your work so much. I can't afford you.

Well I'm home now from our post Ikea visit at the family house with my mom, sister and the three dogs, and I thought I would let you in on my latest project. Remember that Storage Bin I made before? I decided to make another one, but for our living room this time. I wanted to try something different so I'm painting this one instead. I just started and it only has a few coats. I will update you on the process as I finish it up. So here it is in it's beginning stages:

Just like the one before, I did each side in a different colour: baby blue, light pink, pastel purple, and light turquoise. I guess I'm in the mood for Easter with my pastel theme. Don't judge me! I plan on painting each side with a different pattern or theme. I can't wait until it's done and it doesn't look so rough. It's pretty cute, right? I couldn't help myself with the scallops. I'm the queen of scallops. And because my little cat jumped in the last shot (He's a huge ham. He loves the camera)... I thought I should probably introduce my two partners in crime.


Here he is, little Royal. Royal is our youngest and he's a handful. He's about eight months old now and there is no end to his energy. This is his favourite position to be in for some reason.

This is Holly. She's about 4 years old. The crazy thing is, she is actually Royal's real life Aunty! Her brother is Royal's dad! Aww so cute. She is shy, which makes these two exact opposites. 
These guys spend a lot of time with me. Since I've been working from home, they've really enjoyed all the extra cuddling time they get.

Well I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life. It's been a crazy week so far and I felt like sharing a little bit of what I've been up to. See you back here tomorrow for some more Thrifting Tips!

Marissa xo


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