March 08, 2013


Hello, It's the weekend and I'm about to go out to see some friends! But before I go I managed to sneak in some brand new Shop Listings! Three new original art pieces. By me! You could own one. I wish I could keep one for sure! I'm in love. And also you may have noticed I did post the six jewellery pieces my sister Erin modelled for me the other day. She did model some bracelets too...but I haven't decided if I want to post them or save them for a later date. Things got away from us this week. Next weekend there will be new listings where I'm the model! How scary and exciting?! Anyway have a great night! I'll see you back here tomorrow. Right now (or whenever you get home from your friday night partying...) make a cup of tea and have a look at my new shop items before bed.


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