March 18, 2013

Sunny Sixties

Here at CharmingShop we're having daydreams of Sunny Sixties beaches. Picture yourself in the summer with a golden tan (you know, back when that was still good...), a cute tangerine bikini, some oversized white plastic sunglasses and a creamy peach lip colour. You're a babe. A beach babe. Today's Window Shopping post is all about the 60s!

Don't you just love the cartoonish retro look and bright colours?! I wanted to uplift your spirits with a kitschy, fun new theme. It's so cold and snowy outside. It looks like it will never be spring, but we are
trying to shake the winter off with one of my all time favourite eras.

Two of my Balloon Girl art pieces and two of my gorgeous mod inspired necklaces are all hanging out in a crafty sixties setting. How lucky! They look right at home. Did you know my Balloon Girls are all inspired by this era? Yes, those lash-y ladies all sport the same defined eyes and nude lips of the 60s. And all these four are available for purchase in my shop, CharmingShopLove on Etsy. I sure hope this fun little window display gave you a little bit of summer warmth to hang onto until the weather gets better! 

Marissa xo

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