March 16, 2013

DIY Kleenex Folder

As I mentioned yesterday, today I'm showing you my teeny tiny kleenex folder! The other day I was itching to do a little craft. Sometimes it's nice to break away from your work and do something different. I spend my days working away on my art and jewellery, and of course that's what I love to do. It's my passion and I feel driven to make the things I do. Sometime it's like it's not even me creating. These beautiful things are coming out of me, but I don't know where from. You know what I mean, right? If you're an artist in any way you probably know exactly what I'm saying. Anyway, as I was saying before, I just wanted to try something different to take my mind off my work.

My mom got me this really adorable printed mini tissue pack last Christmas. And like always, the collector in me took over and I couldn't bare to use them. Why do I always have to hoard things?! But I've lightened up and I keep one pack in my purse in it's plastic just in case I do need them. So I thought once I open this, and the plastic tears, they might get dirty or get lost in my bag. That's where my crafting skills came in handy. I made this little kleenex holder that is extremely girly and dreamy, just as I like everything to be.
Step 1 - Cut a piece of felt. Wrap it around your tissue pack first to make sure they will fit in there. Leave some room. Maybe a centimetre or two. You have to me able to sew it up without making it too small.

Step 2 - Sew up the ends. Fold them in and sew up to finish the ends. I used embroidery thread. One side is just a regular stitch but the other is scalloped. I couldn't help myself. If you like the scallops give it a go too. Just remember it is more complicated and will take more time.

Step 3 - Now hold the piece like what it would look like if it were finished. You need to be able to see how your shape will look. Even wrap it around the kleenex again to make sure. It fits? Good. You're on track. Now turn it around so your looking at the inside of what will be your folder.

Step 4 - Fold it into the shape again but now it's inside out. Make sure one of the ends is slightly over the other. Unless you want it straight across. You're the boss. Okay, now you're sewing the end shut. It's inside out so that you will have a neat and tidy sewn edge when you turn it back to the right side.

Step 5 - Turn it right side out. The edge is nice and tidy. Good job! You can actually sew your other end shut if you like and that will be that, but if you like mine...

Step 6 - I left my other end open to easily slide the kleenex in without any trouble. But to hide the unfinished edge I finished it off with the loveliest ribbon combo I could find. Mine is a combination of three ribbons. Don't worry though, you don't have to go as ribbon crazy as me, one will do.
I sewed all my ribbons on top of one another first with regular sewing thread, so do that now if you have to. Don't sew it onto your folder just yet. This will make it more secure once it is attached to the folder.

Step 7 - Now sew on the ribbon. I put my ribbon on so the join is at the back. You can even fold over the ends so they're underneath, and no one can see the rough edge. Ribbon can also fray and come off if you don't take care of the ends. Now sew, sew, sew and maybe gently pull as you go just to make sure it's not going to come apart. To sew on the ribbon I used sewing thread, because it's so thin and hard to see. Embroidery thread is thick and very easy to notice. And might I add way too difficult for this job. It will just rip up the ribbon.
Step 8 - You're finished! And it looks pretty awesome! Now put it in your purse and go out somewhere with your friends. When you or someone else needs a tissue, you can proudly pull it out and show everyone your amazing work! I'm sure they'll want one too. I guess you have some little birthday gifts to make now!

This kleenex folder also makes a very nice present for someone who is sick and needs a little cheering up. I sewed a little pompom on the top of mine. This is such a sweet little detail, but it actually doubles as a card holder! Punch a little hole in a tiny handwritten notecard, and give it to a loved one in need. It's so cute, it's sure to brighten their day. It shows you took the time and were thinking of them. I don't know about you, but that always makes me feel special. Handmade is the best.
I hope you enjoyed my little diy. Got questions? Just ask! Also if you're liking my blog so far, please follow me! Have a great day everyone. Happy crafting!

Marissa xo

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