March 05, 2013

DIY Cardboard Box Storage Solution

Good morning lovelies!

  Today I'm doing a little DIY. I mean little because it's something I made a couple of months ago now( so you don't actually get to see the process happening here.) We bought a sofa table for our bedroom a while ago instead of just a typical dresser. It has lots of square shelves, and I loved the open look of it.
But what does that mean? Storage bin shopping!

  We looked around forever, but soon bins are expensive! Yikes. There aren't too many choices either. We couldn't agree on a style or pattern. Nothing would fit with our needs. I am not easily satisfied by mass produced home decor. We like a little heart in the things in our home. I always say, if you can't find it, make it. So that's just what I did!

Two things I can appreciate forever: scallops and wallpaper-inspired prints!

What you will need:

-1 cardboard box
-extra large patterned paper/cardstock (four sheets)
-glue gun and glue stick refills
-craft glue (make sure it turns clear when dry!)
-craft paintbrush

That's it! Let's get started!

Pick a good sturdy box that can easily fit into your shelf. It's okay if it's too tall. You can cut it down.

Draw some scallops across the top. Make sure all the sides match up and are the same height!

Cut out the scallop shape. Be careful! Cutting cardboard sucks, but I promise it's worth it. Cut your patterned paper to fit your box size. Cut out the scallops on the paper too. At the top I left a little space, so the cardboard wasn't peaking through (just a couple milllimetres.) Not too much, because you don't want the top to be weak and bend over time.

Glue on your pattern with the glue gun. It's won't take long. Don't use too much glue or your pattern won't be smooth. Make sure you pay attention to getting enough on the edges.

Cut out ribbon strips for each side. You will need 4. I rounded the top of my ribbon just to finish the edge a bit. Make sure your ribbon is wide enough to wrap around the corner. Use a craft paintbrush to smooth on your craft glue. Watch your edges. Do they have enough glue so they don't peel away? This part is tricky. When you place it on your box, hold it down for a while until it's slightly dry and not trying to resist. If there's white showing, that's okay. It will be clear when dried. Next wrap another ribbon around the bottom perimeter of the box.

You're done! And you have an adorable new box that you'll love. Everyone will ask you about it! Make sure you wait until the glue is completely dry. Fill it up and put it on your shelf. So cute!

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY. I love this box and it suits my space so well. I hope you feel like trying this out too! It's such an easy personalized storage solution. Far less painful than shopping for one! Thanks everyone.


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