March 04, 2013

First Week

  Okay so it's been roughly a week now since I've opened my shop doors. I promised myself I wouldn't update my blog for around a week until I had things going and figured out over at my Etsy shop. I have big plans for this blog. I'm a creator and crafter, so I'm naturally drawn to DIY ideas. So just you wait and see! There's lots in store for you all coming up soon. In preparation for this blog, I decided to make sunday nights my official blog planning night. My boyfriend and I can sit and watch the Walking Dead while I plan away. But let's be honest, that show's just way too stressful not to watch with full attention. So yes, it does sometimes take more time...

  To sum that up, I will be posting daily from this blog. I want all my wonderful followers to feel a connection to me and my life. I want to show you guys that CharmingShop is much deeper than just an online store. It's a way of life for me. It's what I do every day, how I think and what I surround myself with. I love adorable things, and I know you do too!

  So for a little CharmingShop update, yesterday I had my sister, Erin to my house for Photo Shoot Session Round 2. I know exactly what you're thinking, and don't you worry. I'm going to be modelling some pieces coming up very soon. But these babies (hers and mine) won't be up for another week at least. So I hope you can hang tight and that these photos will be enough for you right now! (But if not, I'm going to include my links at the bottom!)

Aqua/Coral Bird Collar Necklace

Studded Bib Collar Necklace

I'm so happy and thankful to have this fantastic outlet to share my creative journey. I hope you have stumbled upon my story, and that you visit back! Right now I don't have too much time to promote this blog, but I will soon enough. So all I can say is I hope you come back every day to find out what's new. Are you interested in CharmingShop? Check out my other links and follow me for more updates. I want to get to know you all!

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Thank you so much everyone. See you tomorrow!


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