March 25, 2013

Art in Bloom

Today's Window Shopping feature is a look at my artwork only! Why you may ask? Well as I said yesterday, my artwork is my first love and it deserves mountains of attention. Even though I adore my jewellery line and how well my jewellery and art go hand in hand, my shop is currently dominated by jewellery listings! So I didn't want my art to feel left out...

I know right now my darling jewellery line seems to overpower my art pieces in the shop, but soon enough I will have some new pieces up for you all. 

Don't these three pieces look lovely amongst spring flowers?!

As always, you can find these beauties in my shop! The link is near the top of my blog, under my picture! I hope you enjoyed my art mixed among a floral display today. It sure made me feel that spring is on it's way. Now I'm off to create some new goodies for CharmingShop. Thanks for looking!


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