September 29, 2014

diy plant holder.

I haven't felt very inspired to do any DIY projects lately, but the other day during one of my Value Village trips I found some little bowls that were begging to be turned into some sort of crafty goodness. 

There were four of them for $2.99 and for that price I thought they were worth picking up. They're those kitschy kind of dishes that would've originally had a handle, but they had been removed leaving a hole on either side of each. I automatically thought of hanging them as planters at different heights, for myself or for gifts. And anyway, the pattern on them was way too cute to pass up! Im always looking for ways to add colour and interest in my home, especially in the planter variety.

I've only finished one so far, with the cord being about 30 cm long and it took about 10 to 15 minutes altogether. Super quick!

For this cord I used basic natural coloured hemp string. I cut two long strands for each side. Four in total. I took both strings together and threaded them through one hole. Then tied a tight knot at the exact centre. Next I did a simple braid, but with four strands. (To make it easier I just grouped two strings together and braided them like a three-strand braid. Nothing fancy.) Tie a knot on the end when you've reached your desired length. Repeat these steps on the other side and try to get both as even as possible. You don't want a lopsided hanging planter. No way! 

I'm sure you can think of a cooler way to finish it off when tying it together, but I just tied the top together in two knots to join them and cut off the ends, letting it look rough and unfinished. Hemp string has that unfinished look to it anyway. I think for my next one I will try ribbon in alternating black and white and do a more polished look. I may even do all of them in different colours and styles.

This is a reminder to anyone with seemingly broken dishes. You may be able to repurpose them and give them an interesting new life! What do you have laying around?

Marissa xo

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