February 12, 2014

DIY Valentines Day Party Favours

It's so close to Valentines Day and I haven't really talked about it at all yet! I thought I would share something I made a couple years ago, because it was fun to make and a real hit at our work cosmetic party. 
I decided I didn't just want to buy a tub of conversation hearts and plop them down on the table for people to take what they wanted out of it. Usually no one even takes any when they're sitting out like that. So I thought a cuter (and possibly more hygienic way) to give them out was to put them in personal bags! I divided the same amount and colours into each. Then I cut out a heart and used it as a template to make a bunch of heart tags from all types of pink and red paper. I wrote "Happy Valentines Day!" on each one, but of course you could just as easily do this on the computer with a cool font. 

Now to display them. I had a short cardboard box without a lid on hand, so I covered it with floral card stock paper; inside and out. Then for the very top I used a hot glue gun to attach as many pink sparkly beads I had on hand. It really does pay to have a good collection of every craft supply imaginable. For a finishing touch, I happened to have some puffy fabric hearts, so on they went too.

We put it out next to our usual Valentines cupcakes and pink punch. Everyone was so excited they got a little party favour to take home. 

You could make this for any type of party, and with any kind of candy. Even loose teas would be so amazing. Oooh, now I'm dreaming up new ideas!

Marissa xo

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