September 11, 2013

Some Wednesday News

It's the middle of the week and I'm trying to power through mounds of shop work that I am in desperate need of catching up on. Today has been busy, but at least there are some end results to share!
Over the summer I made a ridiculous amount of glittering handmade confetti. Originally, I used confetti as my shop decor. I like life to be fun and exciting, so bright and colourful confetti was a natural choice to complement my work. But then the idea came to me that I had to make atomic era inspired confetti sachets to sell individually and in groups in the shop. Why not, right?! Everyone loves some good confetti!
This summer my confetti sachets were only available at my booth at the Red River Farmers Market, but now they are available worldwide through my Etsy shop! Hooray!
I have three types. The first has gold packaging and features multicoloured confetti with hand-cut atomic era diamond shapes and coppery gold glitter. The second is only multicoloured hand-cut diamonds with opalescent star glitter. And last but not least, my bridal inspired glitter has tones of white, gold and silver with those same hand-cut diamond shapes and silver pearl glitter. These little packages of confetti are 100% hand-punched, packaged and decorated by me. I guess my obsessive paper collecting has really come in handy! You can give one of my confetti sachets as a little surprise in a birthday card or have 200+ made for your handmade wedding. You can open them up and throw that confetti in the air, or you can keep the sachet as a memory of a special day. It's all up to you. My hope is that everyone falls in love with my new CharmingShop confetti collection. I truly enjoy making them, and anyway, being a part of your special days are kind of my thing. I used to do your special occasion makeup. Now I make your confetti party favours!
But that's not all. I wanted to give you all a heads up about my Etsy Team's Handmade and Vintage Sale happening on Saturday October 12th. I am not personally in this sale, but I wanted to make sure you know how many talented and creative people we have living here in Winnipeg. If you can make it out to this sale, you definitely should! Winnipeg has the best vintage collectors and curators and the most innovative artists of all types. You won't be disappointed. The poster is below, so make a note of the details and mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen!
Have a great night everyone!



  1. Hi Marissa! I linked over here from Daphne's blog, Vixage, and just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading some of your blog posts! I'm a Winnipegger too, so it's always great to find other Winnipeg bloggers. :) Also, I LOVE this confetti - Might have to make an order from your Etsy site soon! :)

    1. Hello Sara! Oh, thank you so much! That's very sweet of you. I enjoy meeting other Winnipeggers with similar passions. It's amazing how many wonderful people come from this city! I'm very happy you like my new confetti. It was my goal to make it as cute as possible. Thanks for stopping by to say hi:)