May 12, 2013

Love You Mom!

First of all let me say Happy Mothers Day everyone! 

One person who is really, truly important in my life is my mom. She is the best mom I could've ever asked for. She's patient, kind, caring and always understanding. No matter what I've done in my life, she's always been there right beside me. Even if she doesn't always agree with what I'm doing, she's along for the ride. She puts everyone before herself. 
Growing up she hosted the best birthday parties filled with cool crafts and activities. She's taken our friends in when they needed a place to stay, and let us move in and out of the house from apartments, or in my sisters case, coming back from moving to different cities...Any time we need help, she's there without even a thought. 
It's her unselfishness and the amazing way she raised both me and my sister that make me really admire her. I hope that one day I can be as good as a mom as she is to me. I hope I can remember all the things she taught me, so I can teach my kids the exact same way. She's hilarious and lovable and so much fun to be around. She's like a really good friend, and to me that's pretty special.

Happy Mothers Day to my awesome mom and to your mom too!
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I just added two new pieces as promised, and they look just fantastic. 
A few new jewellery pieces on the way too.
Art Deco inspired bracelets.
Tell me you aren't ready to swoon over that!
I am!

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