April 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes Two

A little while back now I brought you this post where I showed you a little taste of what our photo shoots look like. I promised a part two involving my model (and sis), Erin. She has a lot of energy and picking someone to model with a slight case of ADD can be overwhelming, but my favourite pics were definitely these ones snapped in between shots. She likes to fool around and dance and make funny faces, so I kept shooting, and while editing the photos I couldn't help but keep these ones, because they are so typical of her and what she would do. I couldn't use them for CharmingShop, but at least I can keep them on file. And possibly leak them out on her wedding day someday...

Alright everyone. I've given you a good look at our goofy lives! 
Time to go work on some awesome art! 
See you later!

Marissa xo

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