April 03, 2013

Feeling Inspired

It's Sketch Day Two!

I'm really enjoying doing a little sketch daily. It's only day two, so we'll see how I feel in a month or two.. But I like the idea of just doing something little that's a stretch for me every day. It let's me explore what I can do and I'm honestly really excited to see what I will make in the next little while! Whether its a little pencil sketch or something more elaborate, I'm willing to take time out of my day for this! Besides, I'm going to have all these little pieces to hang up in the house! I have space just waiting for collages of framed artwork. 

I'm still working on my packaging for those gorgeous earrings I showed you the other day. I should be finished by tonight. Hooray!


Marissa's Secrets

1. My cat, Royal loves bubble baths so much, he cries when he sees a bath without bubbles...so I always feel guilty and have a bubble filled bath! Yikes... the things we do for our pets.
2. When I was little I had a serious passion for palaeontology. Dinosaurs were my weakness!
3. My favourite colour is purple

See ya later guys!

Marissa xo

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