March 17, 2014

What's New at the Shop

It's St. Patricks Day and I'm staring out my studio room window right now, thinking about how I need to go shovel from the nice blizzard we got yesterday. Not a nice thing when I'm thinking about Spring so much. I've been spending most of my time browsing the internet for floral dresses and thinking about how our Chicago trip is one month away now. It's so close, I already feel like I'm there. 

For a while I wasn't listing anything new in the shop again. I'm so bad for that sometimes. But getting my shop full is still at the very top of my to do list. Not only because I'm going away soon, but Spring means easier access to vintage-hunting here, so I'm sure I'll need some more room for cute things. On top of that we're redoing our basement this Summer, so thinking about my storage space is very important. Even if I do have just as much stuff from bringing in new treasures when the weather warms up, at least maybe I can find an organized designated area for them. Right now it's mayhem.

Anyway, too much babbling. You want to see the new stuff right? 
Okay, I'll show you a few things!
This plant tray is so beautiful. It's from 1955 and it's seen better days, but I just love everything about it. AND it has a dog on it, come on.
It's taking all my willpower not to hang onto this dress. It's a little costume-y for today, but it fits me like a glove. I've never held something like this in my hands before and I'm not sure I will again. It's just that special.
Keeping with the dog theme, I added another dog planter. This guy was mine, but I have two. It was a tough choice on which one should go, but I've decided to try to find this one a new home.  
This little lady is so beautiful. She came from an estate sale, where a lot of other really amazing items were found. The saddest part however, is that her head had broken off at some point and had been glued back on. She was repaired so well without any signs of chips or glue residue that I first thought it was just her neckline. My goal is to find someone who will love her as is, flaws and all. 

Alright that's all I'm showing you today. Head on over to CharmingShopVintage if you'd like to see the details for yourself. I added a bunch of fantastic new clothes, some accessories and a few household items. I hope you enjoy them!

Have a great day!

Marissa xo

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