January 08, 2014

Favourite Vintage Finds of 2013.

Today I'm counting down my favourite vintage items I found last year in 2013. Some were dirt cheap; others not so much. But hey, all of these keepers were remarkably low in price in relation to what I could have paid! Here we go!
ONE) Atomic Era Floor Lamp
I got this bad boy off Kijiji this Fall, and had it hidden in our basement as a unique Christmas present to us both. It was so hard to play it cool while this thing was in my house and not being used. I wanted to bring it out so bad! It was definitely my most expensive vintage purchase of the year, but totally worth it in every way! I will never regret shelling out some extra cash for this lamp.
TWO) Retro Pink/Lavender Laundry Bin
This was an estate sale find. I got it this summer along with a sizeable collection of furniture. In total I spent $50 at this sale and got some really stunning large pieces I had been coveting secretly for a long time. The starburst on the side of this beauty makes my heart happy!

THREE) Green Lamp with Splattered Shade
This lamp was my favourite find from my September trip to Wisconsin. It'll forever be a little memento in our home of all the thrifting I got to do outside of Canada this year. I've never done any U.S. vintage hunting before up until this trip, but I'm hooked and I'm really looking forward to bringing home some treasures from Chicago this spring!
FOUR) Plastic Terrarium
I found not one, but TWO terrariums this year! The one pictured is my first find, which I later sold when I found my new one. It's bigger and in much better shape. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own one of these. It was one of those things I didn't know I needed until I layed my eyes on it. Now, I couldn't do without it.
FIVE) Fibreglass Lampshade with Gold and Black Splattered Pattern
I found this lampshade for $5 at an estate sale, and it still makes me swoon! I added the shade to a vintage bronze lamp I already owned.
SIX) Set of 2 Hanging Lamps
These two beauties are from the Old House Revival here in Winnipeg. We loved them straight away and knew they'd be perfect for our retro living room. I adore their asymmetrical look. The best part is they pair so perfectly with our floor lamp, which is close by, along the same wall!

SEVEN) Teak China Cabinet
This teak cabinet is so beautiful to me. The fact that I got it for my birthday last year was so special. It's a family piece and I'll keep it until I have someone to pass it down to.
EIGHT) Metal Wall Sculpture.
I was so obsessed with my mom's metal wall sculpture, that I was ready to splurge to get one of my own. But just when I least expected it, I came across one at Vlue Village! I love when that happens. It was like it was meant to be. Oddly enough it looks exactly the same, only hers is painted beige on some areas.
NINE) Vintage Couch
After we said goodbye to my grandma's white couch set this summer, I thought I would never find another one I would like as much to replace them with. I was wrong. We stumbled upon this couch along with it's ratty old partner (aka chair) at the Habitat For Humanity Restore, while rainy day shopping for 50s kitchen cabinet pulls. The chair was too far gone, but the couch was perfect and on sale!! I will never regret bringing this big thing home.
TEN) Lefton Poodle Cookie Jar
 This fancy poodle cookie jar is not mine personally. It belonged to me for a couple weeks while I washed it, photographed and listed it in the shop. This Lefton jar was in the shop for one day before it was purchased! Just coming across it was a dream. I love holding these cool things for a bit before they go to their new homes. It's like I run daycare for vintage items. Or better yet an adoption agency. All in all, this was my best find out of the things I didn't keep for myself.

I got so many neat items this year, so it was tough to narrow it down to ten. I thought I'd spare you the long version, because believe me, I could go on forever. 2013 was a thrill of fantastic finds. I keep wondering what things I'll drag home this year. I will have an entire basement to furnish soon enough, and of course a vintage shop to stock!

What were your best finds this year?

Marissa xo

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